Technical FAQs

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Find the answers to technical questions in this section.

  • How can I make the transition between the old ONBILE platform and the new version?

    Because the new platform has improved functional tools, it is not possible to provide an immediate conversion between your website created by the old platform and the new one. Find out how you can create a new higher quality website through the new version of ONBILE. Uoy can still opt for the free plan and there is also a professional version available with more advanced features and services.

  • What is a section?

    A site is made up of several sections. Each one refers to an internal independent page, with editable contents.

  • Can I upload as many images as I want?

    Yes, as long as each individual image doesn't weigh more than 1 MB.

  • Is it possible to upload videos?

    Yes, you can include them as links to YouTube or Vimeo, but what you can’t do is upload a video file.

  • Can I change the CSS myself?

    No, you cannot. Our templates allow you to modify colours, content and themes but structural changes cannot be made.

  • Can I insert pdf files?

    For the moment this option is not available; it will be set up, at the same time as videos.

  • How will my website be integrated with the mobile version?

    Through an html code that you should insert into the font code of your standard website inside the tags <head> CODE </head>, either manually or using our automatic system of code insertion. All we need are your server data and we will do the work for you.

  • Once a mobile website is published, can I change the contents?

    Of course. Users can access whenever they want and change their contents with no editing limits.

  • Will the Onbile WP plug-in still work?

    The Onbile WP plug-in will be improved soon in order to connect the two platforms.

  • How can I insert an Ad code or other kind of html code into my mobile website?

    It is not possible to insert html codes; however you can insert an advertising banner using an image.

  • What does it mean that Onbile websites are programmed in CSS + HTML?

    It means that Onbile’s templates are adapted to any mobile browser, and therefore they will be perfectly displayed on any type of mobile screen.